RETScreen Clean Energy Workshop

The world renowned RETScreen Technology is an energy management program built around a software tool, developed to analyze and monitor all energy forms, with special application in clean energy projects.  This technology is available in over 30 languages to evaluate energy projects’ feasibility in terms of: production and savings, costs, emissions, financial viability and risks in various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Technologies (RETs). 

This software has been endorsed by World Bank and UNDP as the preferred option for adoption by leading financial institutions and development partners around the world.

Here’s what RETScreen participants are saying…

  • Top Manager, NERC
    "The financial sector should be fully integrated into this program, since most renewable projects are expensive, but with the RETScreen tool, they (the financial sector) can easily determine the viability of any project."
  • Top Mgt. Director, Mrs Holdings
    "Allows a very in-depth financial analysis of Energy Projects, which addresses current energy financing issues for the present government and a private investor/entrepreneur. Everyone should be interested in this program."
  • Senior Level Mgr., Ministry of Environment
    "The program has helped to build the much needed capacity for decision makers in the area of clean energy policy decision-making."
  • Principal Officer, National University Commission
    "Thank you LEAD-AWA for this wonderful initiative. The workshop should run for at least 10 days & be extended to other organizations working on energy and associated projects."


  • FREE Certification/support on world renowned Clean Energy software – World Bank and UNDP approved.
  • Energy policy toolkit to facilitate Clean Energy Policy Analysis.
  • Know-how on ISO 50001 certification in Energy Management Information System (EMIS).


  • Know-how on evaluating the viability of energy efficiencies across sectors – transportation, building, production etc.
  • Access to global climate data, including remote region.
  • Capacity to design, cost, and implement an integrated energy management plan.
  • Ability to undertake technical, economic, and financial pre-feasibility and/or feasibility of energy projects.
  • Knowledge on how to proffer cost-saving energy management solutions across all energy sources.


Industries, Academia, financial Institutions, Energy Policy Decision Makers, Legislators, Project Developers, Energy Services Companies, Energy efficiency champions, Energy Project Managers, and Climatologists, Media, NGOs, and others.

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